Disobedience: The Performances Are Not to be Missed

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3SMReviews: Disobedience

The review:

Sebastián Lelio’s Disobedience has an overly long sex scene,* but other than that, it’s a movie worth watching both for nuanced performances** and for a short visit to the Orthodox Jewish world of London. Rachel Weisz is fast becoming one of my favorite actors to watch and her performance as the woman who left her community but has returned for her father’s funeral is fantastic—sorrowful and resigned. This falls into the slow drama category, but becomes quite tense in places.

The verdict: Recommended

Cost: free view Kanopy, Multnomah County Library’s streaming service
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences

*In some alternate universe, there exists this scene filmed by a woman. I bet it doesn’t feel as gratuitous.
**Everyone is not saying very much which means more stuff needs to come through nonverbal means.

3SMReviews: Disobedience
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