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Overall disclaimer

I am a movie critic by avocation, not vocation. I have no degree in the cinema arts, and my movie education has been sporadic at best.

I am, however, someone who loves movies, and loves to talk above movies with people who love movies.

You might not like everything I do. That’s okay.

Earning notice

There are ads on this website. While I greatly appreciate visiting sites with no advertising, this website is a money-making venture for me and to be money making, it must have ads. Those of you who want to read my ad-free website can do some creative searching and find it.

There are also affiliate links on this site. This means that when you click on a link and buy something, I get some money. There is no cost to you. I do not link to anything I don’t actually recommend.

Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise.

Privacy policy

I mean, it’s the internet. To quote the make-out couple in the movie Singles “There’s just no privacy anymore.”

Stuff is public. Do not assume otherwise.

However, I won’t sell your email to anyone and I don’t track your movements on the site. (Though I do track the number of visitors site-wide) There’s also a specific privacy page here.

Posting schedule

My goal is to post reviews for movies that are playing in theaters within 24 hours of seeing the film, though sometimes life might get in the way of that.

For movies that are not first-run, I will hold the reviews to dole them out in at a measured pace throughout the week.


The internet is often not a nice place. I’m not so much a fan of that. If you disagree with me respectfully, I will post your comment. If you are rude about it, I won’t.  To quote Torrance Shipman in Bring it On “Courtney, it’s not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy. I’m sorry, but I’m overruling you.”

I also reserve the right to edit any comment I post.  (This will probably be more about spelling and grammar errors than content.)

Overall, any comment left here is my property and I can do with it what I like.


All posts, comments, and anything else on this site are trademarked by Three Sentence Movie Reviews and Keen Eye LLC and are not to be used without permission. All posts are © 2018, Three Sentence Movie Reviews and Keen Eye LLC.


I reserve the right to make changes to these policies at any time.

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