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Welcome to 3SMReviews.com, where you can find out in three sentences if a movie is recommended, good, or if you should skip it.

You can find movies sorted by genre, find movies created by women directors and women writers. There’s also a handy guide to creating your own Channing Tatum Film Festival. And I publish a lot of lists.

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Toy Story 2 Is Okay

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It was years between me finding the “Toy Story 2 was okay” graffiti and me finding that it was a thing. I actually think this movie is quite [...]

Charade is Fun to Look at

The review: I’ve seen bits of Stanley Donen’s Charade here and there,* but hadn’t watched the entire movie until now. What I found was the usual falling-in-love-for-no-reason** [...]


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