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Patti Harrison and Ed Helms in Together Together

Together Together

?Directed by Nikole Beckwith?
?Written by Nikole Beckwith?

The review:

Patti Harrison* and Ed Helms** anchor this low-key, sweet comedy about a middle-aged man starting a family and the surrogate he hires. What starts as a strictly-by-the-books relationship evolves into a friendship that reveals the hard and sticky parts of both characters lives. Recently, I remarked on the lack of grownup comedies;*** this is one and well worth your time.

The verdict: Recommended.

Cost: $15.90
Where watched: The Living Room Theater! I’m fully vaccinated! First movie outing since March 7, 2020!

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Further sentences:

*Who shall now be forever known by me as the Queen of the Straight-Faced Zingers.
**He’s really done some great stuff recently.
***I enjoy a lot of different comedies, but the ones where people are grounded in something like the real word and grounded in everyday humor are a rare treat.


  • It’s five years later. Where are our characters?
  • What’s your favorite grownup comedy?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

The film was shot in 17 days.
(also the only one)

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  • Allie

    This was such a beautiful movie, better than I could have expected. At first the abrupt ending disappointed me, but it’s left me thinking about it days afterwards which is always a good thing!

    • Patricia Collins

      I also have thought about this movie a lot since I watched it. For me, the abrupt ending is hard, but also very satisfying.

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