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When was the last time I saw Sean Penn playing an impish character instead of a repressed and tortured one? I had forgotten he had it in him. Well acted, very good period piece, good story line, a bit long near the end, and I can’t quite square this in my Gus Van Sant world.

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  • Sara K.

    I really liked this movie. I loved that it taught me about part of the human rights movement that I never knew about (and according to NPR, many people don’t know about the legacy of Harvey Milk – even those whose rights were proclaimed by him). I find it interesting/sad that the pillars of Civil Rights are well known but not those in the Gay Rights movement. -S

  • Patricia

    I love movies for that too. I knew about Harvey Milk because I read “And the Band Played On” and I believe he was mentioned in that as part of the gay rights movement. I think in another decade or so we will have a better “publishing” of the gay rights movement history. It wasn’t really that long ago, and so while there have been histories written, a lot of Americans are still waking up to the idea that they might know homosexuals. After everyone gets used to that, THEN we as collective will probably become more aware of the history.

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