Three sentence movie reviews–Frost/Nixon.

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Though I like Ron Howard as a person (what I know of him) and am happy for his success, I mostly always get a little bored during his movies. This one was no different. Still, quite good, but during my bored period I wondered, “Was this really the best title that the author of the play could come up with?”

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  • IdahoGirls

    The title always bothered me too. I did not really get it when I first heard it (being the non-history buff I was completely confused and thought frost was a verb and not a noun). Ok maybe I should not admit that – but in my small pea brain I first thought, “Frost Nixon? What does that look like?” I still may catch it when it comes out on DVD.
    I like Ron Howard too – I liked his Grinch movie (not exactly academic but my kids love it)!

  • Sara K.

    I always really like his stuff. Interesting that it gets a little boring for you. Shawn found the videos of the interviews online. He said that they were very interesting – and quite ground breaking (in the way that Nixon apologizes). It made him wonder what it might be like for W to do the same. -S

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