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Given how much I loved this director’s movie All the Real Girls earlier this year and given the favorable reviews when it came out, I expected to really like this movie. I didn’t. The cinematography is great–never has a decaying Southern town looked so good–but I was bored.

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  • Sara K.

    Interesting. I have never heard of this movie? When did it come out? -S

  • Patricia

    IMDB says 2000, though I think it kicked around the film festival circit for awhile. I remember Roger Ebert really liking it. I wonder if I remember right.

  • hsofia

    I saw this movie – actually, I *own* this movie – because of its allusions to director Terence Malick. I think it’s a good, thoughtful movie, but as you point out, it’s boring, too. And that’s coming from a fan of Terence Malik.

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