Three sentence movie reviews–Slumdog Millionaire.

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Things, that when seen in movies I don’t recover from and thus, dislike the move: torture, intentional maiming of children, anything covered in human excrement. When they are all three in one movie I spend the movie breathing deeply, not watching the screen and wishing we had chosen to watch the bad acting of Twilight. I also thought the ending was stupid–though I liked the dancing at the very end.


Bechdel score: Two women? Nope.

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  • IdahoGirls

    Hmmmm…. I don’t remember how I felt about this movie. I remember liking the catchy tune when I first heard it by the end of the movie being very annoyed by it. I think I gave it points for holding my attention all the way through, but in the end was pretty disturbed by it all. The dancing at the end of the movie was odd but entertaining!

  • Sara K.

    I was also a little disturbed by this movie. My eyes were closed MOST of the flashback time. But, I still enjoyed the overall positive feel of the film. -S

  • thibeaux1369

    I also really, really dislike these three things to the point of struggling to sit through any film that has even one. I am so with you on that. That being said, like Sara K, the final happy feel of it seduced me totally.

    I really enjoy your three sentence reviews!

  • hafidha

    I don't like any of those things being done (esp. to kids), but I did enjoy the movie (though I think the director has a tendency to end weakly after very strong beginnings). It reminds me of a guy I used to know who seemed so happy and mellow. Then I found that he had come to the US as a child refugee and had watched as soldiers shot and killed his mother as they were crossing a river, trying to escape to Thailand. He was only about six years old at the time. Some other people (not even relatives) grabbed him and took him with them to the safety zone; his mother just died there in the water. I remember thinking: "How the heck did he survive this? And to be such a well adjusted, sweet man?!" It's hard for me to fathom, but he's not the only person I've met who's been through that kind of trauma.

    The main thing I didn't like about Slumdog Millionaire was the acting of the love interest (as an adult), and the whole "if u get rich u won't be in poverty anymore – yay!"

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