Three sentence movie reviews–Sweet Home Alabama.

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I didn’t see this when it first came out because I find Josh Lucas’ features to be very ferret-like and that distracts me (though I’m sure he is a very nice person and has many redeeming qualities.) It was an okay movie, with some nice unique romantic comedy touches. I would rate this movie a good “flu movie” meaning one to put on when you are home sick in bed.

Bechdel reveiw: two women: yes. Who talk to each other: yes. About something besides a man: nope.

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  • IdahoGirls

    This is a very cheesy movie! We own it – not sure how it ended up in our home to tell you the truth. Although, I have a very huge crush on Patrick Dempsey and I will argue that I have had a life long crush on him. I loved him when loving him was not easy – back in the days of Can’t Buy Me Love. Yep, I can freely admit it so I guess that is why we own it – that is the only thing I can think of… I do like Reese though too – I find her chin adorable – our youngest daughter has a “smaller” version of that kind of chin so I am partial to it. It comes from my side of the family – it skipped me but my mom has it. Wow – can you say tangent???

  • Sara K.

    I love this movie because it fits my escapist fluff movie goodness. I love the reenactor scenes – especially now that I live in the land of reenactors! Plus her old hubby is hot! -S

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