Three sentence movie reviews: Star Trek

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I’m a minor consumer of the Star Trek franchise, which means I saw that movie where they saved the whales and a few episodes of the original series. I didn’t expect to love this movie, but I did! The first scene choked me up, the majority of the rest had me alternately smiling, laughing out loud, peeking through my fingers, or jumping in my seat; I can’t ask for more than a movie like this.

Bechdel rating: The movie has two women. Yep. Who talk to each other. Not really.

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  • Sara K.

    I really liked this movie a lot. It was clever and funny. There was good inside humor, if you caught it, but general humor for all. -S

  • balyien

    I loved this movie too. And I totally got choked up in the first scene as well. 🙂

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