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Matt and I took each other to see this (he used his movie coupons, I suggested) and watching this a second time I observed that what I liked about this movie was the fact that it was the rare depiction of couples finding their place as a couple in the world. Most movies are about the couple meeting and coming together or the couple breaking up, or dealing with strife, so this seems a treat. Matt agreed that the main character was much like him, though he pointed out that I’d never stapled his itinerary to his coat.*

Bechdel score. Two women. Still nope. Hmm. Wait a second here! I’m remembering that the sisters talk to each other about their parents. So let me do this again.

Two women: yes. Who talk to each other: yes. About something besides a man: Yes!

*I pointed out that it was only because I hadn’t thought of it and wouldn’t he actually benefit from that?

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  • Sara K.

    Hee hee! Does that count as a sentence in my 3-sentence comment? I guess, so (oops – done!). -S

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