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A small amount of bias goes into this review, because the subject of this documentary is our former Senior Minister*. Still, I was surprised at how touching this movie was, and very funny in places. This is a good documentary for people in transition.

*you can see me for about three seconds in one scene, standing in the balcony in church. My goal during filming was to NOT be on camera and I almost succeeded. However, if you ask Matt, he will tell you he’s dating a movie star.

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  • Matt

    I'm dating a movie star. What does Sarah K. Sterner have to say to that?
    (It was longer than 3 seconds.)

  • Sara K.

    Thank goodness I have your autograph in many iterations. I will be able to sell it on ebay and make my millions. Matt, you are a very lucky man (does it feel like you are Hugh Grant's character in Notting Hill?)!

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