Three sentence movie reviews: The Wedding Crashers

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My favorite part of this movie is the wedding crasher montage at the beginning. My second favorite part of this movie is when Vince Vaughn goes on one of his babbling soliloquies. My third favorite part of this movie was the reveal of who was the original wedding crasher.

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  • IdahoGirls

    I have seen this movie. I must admit there are some laugh outloud moments. There are also some moments that are so uncomfortable for me I can barely watch it. Vince V. is something when he starts to babble!!

  • Sara K.

    I refused to watch this movie because the whole point was mindless conquests of women and that annoys me. Glad to hear there were some funny parts. Perhaps only 10 minutes of the movie?

  • Patricia

    I would say that I could show you the good parts in about 10-15 minutes.

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