Three sentence movie reviews: Cowboys and Aliens

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Harrison Ford’s wattles were covered by a bandanna for most of this movie, which was quite a relief for this viewer. I found this to be a B movie with A list actors who brought their A game, making it a pretty enjoyable summer movie experience. The movie also thankfully connected the dots as to why Olivia Wilde was riding through the late 1800’s Western setting with her hair all about her, instead of pulled back into a nice bun, as would have been correct to the setting; this was driving me crazy for most of the movie and I thank them for clearing the matter up.

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  • Sara K.

    I just found this concept to be so odd. The Shawn said, imagine a bunch of kids who love to play cowboys and Indians and who love to play aliens spacemen. Now imagine of they put them together in some fantastical way that kids do while playing in the backyard (then it worked for me).

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