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Note: this great swath of eight movies watched in four days was because I was working on the Roman shades for the front room and there was a lot of hand stitching, which called for a lot of movie watching.

Documentaries for me are like my sometimes feelings about exercise, namely they tend to be something I have to force myself to partake in and then I usually quite enjoy them. This was no different. With hardly a word, we get to experience the first years of four children in widely different settings, which was informative (so that’s what they do when there are no diapers!) funny and moving.
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  • Shawn Shafer

    We enjoyed it a lot, too. I remember Sara loving how the Mongolia nurses packaged up the baby in a tight bundle on the way home, while cringing as the mother leapt on the motorbike.

  • Patricia

    I was surprised at how "modern" the Mongolian yurt was. I think I liked Bayar, the baby from Mongolia the best. There were great scenes of older brother "poking."

  • Sara K.

    I also loved this moving. Devastatingly simple and beautiful. I laughed, cried, and was educated about the world.

  • Sara K.

    I can't keep my 3-sentence movie comments to only 3… Ponijao was my favorite baby. Hattie's parents were the most amusing to me!

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