Three sentence movie reviews: The Chronicles of Riddick

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This seemed to have higher production values than Pitch Black, though I found the story less compelling. The sets were awesome and I enjoyed seeing the arc of Riddick. In fact, I wouldn’t mind some more Riddick movies, though I think this one makes it a little impossible.

At this point, I’ve seen all the Vin Diesel movies the library owns, though IMDB tells me that the library doesn’t own all Vin Diesel movies. I guess I’ll eventually have to search out the rest and actually (gasp) PAY to watch them.
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  • Sara K.

    I feel like I might have seen this one. But, then I have no actual memory of the movie. But, I'm not sure that is a conclusive piece of evidence that I have not seen it. 🙂

  • Sara K.

    Hi! I'm back. At least to comment!

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