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A “zany comedy” recommended by the library’s blog, this was a bit slow (as befitting a movie made 70 years ago) and I enjoyed Ginger Roger’s slightly dingy main character.  Having only seen her with Fred Astaire, I was intrigued to see her on her own.  I wasn’t happy with the ending, but a movie that is about three generations out of my own expereince isn’t probably going to have the same idea of “happy ending” as I do.

p.s.  Warner Archive.  It’s nice that you’ve re-released this and all, but could you at the very least fix the wild fluctuation in sound?  And maybe those of our hearing-impaired friends would like the movie. If only there was some closed captioning.  How much would that have cost, really?
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  • Sara K.

    Ginger without Fred. It's funny (in a sexist Hollywood way) how Fred without Ginger is okay. But the reverse seems odd.

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