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I joined Mom and Aunt Carol for breakfast at Mother’s and then we headed over to check out Sand in the City.  It was, frankly, underwhelming.  There were nine sand sculptures, a paltry amount, I thought, and I was not impressed by most of the scupture.  Perhaps my expectations were a bit too high?

Here’s an example.  The slogan is “branching out to help others” but the branches are not going out, they are going in.  It just didn’t work for me.

Kid’s on the block being sculpted into a block?  Eh.
I enjoyed the pun here, but look at all the blank space.
And this didn’t even look fully formed.
There was a Voodoo Donut on the Octopus, which I appreciated.
This display had the best detail from shrimp on the barbie to…
…an intricately sculpted welcome mat.

At this point my camera warned me I was running out of battery and as we had Sunday Parkways yet to do, I decided to stop taking pictures of mostly unimpressive sand sculpture.
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  • balyien

    I thought the shrimp on the barbie was a hand reaching through a sewer grate. Apparently my imagination is a very dark thing. Lol!

    I was watching the show Supernatural the other day & this particular episode was set in Oregon. The two main characters had a box from Voo Doo Doughnuts in their motel room! I was impressed by the detail (and impressed that I recognized the pink box before I saw the logo).

  • Sara K.

    This sounds so cool! And in theory it should have been. Too bad it didn't quite meet your expectations! And i don't think they were too high!

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