Three sentence movie reviews: Battle in Seattle

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Yet another very good film I wouldn’t have seen except for the Channing Tatum Film Festival.  I enjoyed the multiple perspectives and details about how the protests were planned and executed.  Actual footage from the “battle” made the movie that much more gripping.

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  • balyien

    I've never even heard of this movie. Is it about the WTO riots?

  • Patricia

    Indeed, it is! I'd never heard of it either. Woody Harrlson plays a police officer, Charlize Theron his pregnant wife who works in a clothing store downtown. Channing Tatum is also a police officer, Rosario Dawson is a protester, Ray Liotta is the mayor, and some white guy I've seen somewhere else is one of the protest organizers. It was pretty interesting.

  • Sara K.

    Big name actors. Its odd that we haven't heard of it. I am in the dark as well. Thanks Channing Tatum!

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