Three sentence movie reviews: Moonrise Kingdom

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Viewing two of this movie was just as delightful as the first, perhaps more so as I didn’t have to pay attention to plot and could just immerse myself in what was happening on the screen.  I think my favorite line was the simultaneous “that was the girl!” spoken by Bruce Willis & Edward Norton.  And it’s interesting to look at both Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, who have both played action heroes and compare them in these roles.

Cost:  $6.25 (plus $5.00 in ATM fees because I didn’t think to bring cash)
Where:  Cinemagic, which is a lovely theater I’ve only been to one other time.

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  • balyien

    I still really want to see this one! I may have to wait for it to turn up on Netflix though.

  • Sara K.

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Love it!

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