Three sentence movie reviews: The Avengers

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I greatly enjoyed this movie when we saw it in May, but if you had asked me to recount the plot to you, I would have only been able to stammer “Uh, it’s pretty funny.  Um, and. Uh.”  Watching it this time was an experience of repeatedly thinking “oh yes!  I remember this part, this was quite enjoyable.”  I think it was the frantic pace that caused the post-viewing amnesia in that I was all in during, but there was so much that happened my brain just got overwhelmed and forgot it all.

Cost:  $3.00
Where watched:  Portlander Inn Cinema. (at the Jubitz truck stop)

(I was looking for one with Agent Colson on it, but no dice.)
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  • Sara K.

    We recently saw this movie at the cheap seats. I really enjoyed it. It is funnier than one would expect!

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