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It’s a Dito Montiel movie, which means that it’s not super fabulous but that it also grows on me until the final scene when I decide I like it, after all.  This movie also did the impossible:  I actually found Terrance Howard’s acting to be quite good in this film, which is a reaction I’ve never had to the man’s craft before.  Aside from the pleasure of watching Channing Tatum wandering through New York participating in illegal fights, this movie exposed me to a world I would have never seen and that, I think is Mr. Montiel’s gift.

Cost:  $2.75 from Videorama*

Where watched:  at home.

poster from:

*Me:  I have four movies left in the Channing Tatum Film Festival and I’m hoping you have them.

Clerk:  Are you the founder of the Channing Tatum Film Festival?

Me:  And its only participant!

Clerk:  What exactly do you see in Mr. Tatum?

Me:  It’s the weirdest thing, but he’s quite alluring on camera.

Clerk:  He’s certainly a big slab of meat.

Me:  I know!  That’s what makes it so strange!

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  • Sara K.

    My favorite part of this post is the conversation with the video clerk! I find the poster rather odd. Who sells a movie using armpits?

  • Patricia

    You are right, it is an odd poster. Is he hanging off a bar? Why can't we see the bar?

    And when I went to get the next movie, a different clerk, who was there for the initial conversation said, "Are you the person who is watching all–"

    "That's me!" I said. She clued me in that while he's in the last movie I have on my list, he's mostly in crowd scenes. Also, it's a horrible movie.

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