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I took a chance on this even though the case told me absolutely nothing about the movie, except for the fact that a lot of people liked it.  And I liked it too, all those critics weren’t wrong!  It’s a coming of age gay-boy story set in a suburb of London and even includes a side helping of Mama Cass.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched:  at home.

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  • Sara K.

    What led you to pick it up? The cover photo is a little plain. How nice to enjoy a totally random movie.

  • Patricia

    One of the nice things about having oodles of time is that I'm willing to take chances on movies. The cover of the movie I got was even less clear than this one, but it all worked out this time. No so much for the next movie review I will publish.

  • balyien

    I just ordered it from the library! For a second, I thought it was a VHS tape and I thought, how serendipitous, I still have the VCR I borrowed from my boss to watch "Cavalcade." Alas, I misread and it's a DVD. Thanks for the recommend!

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