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My expectations were EXTREMELY LOW for this film, low enough that I greatly enjoyed myself despite the fact the brother of Chris Hemsworth was a bit goofy-looking and the women didn’t have much to do other than bat their eyes.  There were some quite fun moments, it didn’t drag endlessly in the middle like the original and Peeta was in it!  I’m not sure why they felt the need to set it in Spokane, Washington when it was filmed in Michigan, but whatever, it was fine.

Cost:  $3.00*
Where watched:  Kennedy School

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*I was bored while waiting in line to pay, so to kill time I got out my three dollars and fanned them aesthetically   The man behind me said, “It only costs three dollars?” in a voice of awe.  I told him indeed, that was the cost.  “But just for residents, right?”  Nope, everyone gets to pay only three dollars.  “Really?”   He was amazed.  I’m pretty sure he was not from around these parts.

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  • balyien

    It's in Washington rather than Michigan because it's closer to North Korea, of course! 😉

    Since you saw this in the theater, you can no longer side-eye me for seeing GI Joe in the theater, haha.

  • Sara K.

    Hey! I like the new look, very sleek. I'm glad the movie was decent and that I have been to Kennedy School in person!

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