Three sentence movie reviews: On the Road

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I tried, once upon a time, to read this classic of mid-century literature and eventually discarded it, thinking, “You know what? These guys are jerks.”  And you know what came through loud and clear in the film version?  You guessed it:  these guys are jerks.*

Cost:  $4.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst, with S. North.

*This book/movie is navel-gazing male literature/cinema at its finest.  Which for me means “most boring.”  Although there were fun period details and the cameos were interesting.

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  • Debrarian

    hee hee hee.

  • Sara K.

    It is bad that I have no desire? Not if its jerk central! I guess that my inner-beatnik will have to remain repressed.

  • balyien

    I have more interest in "Kill Your Darlings," a movie about all these beat authors when they were in college, including a murder that one of them committed.

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