Three sentence movie reviews: Dear White People

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Oh Lionel–whose hair is like a black hole for white fingers–how much did I love you in this movie?  Just a little bit more than I loved Justin Dobies confession of love to Tessa Thompson and her response that came later in the movie.  Almost as I loved seeing this for a second time in less than a week.

Cost: $4.00
Where watched: Academy Theater with Matt.

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  • Jan W.

    Wow, I didn’t get from your first review that you liked it this much! That’s cool. What did Matt think?

  • Patricia

    Oh yes, I’ve been enthusiastically recommending it to people. Matt also really enjoyed it.

  • Sara K.

    Sara Here: Still on my list to see. I really can’t wait. To the art museum movie showings we will hopefully go!

  • Sara K.

    Sara Here: I believe my double naming is not necessary! True?

  • Felicia

    If I was writing a three sentence review, it would be exactly this!

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