Three sentence movie reviews: Into the Woods

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Stephen Sondheim’s musical styling gets on my nerves after about an hour, so that was distracting.  Aside from that, this was a very fun movie with great performances by all.*  It also featured an amazing sweater (worn by the boy Jack) that I sadly cannot find a pattern online for.

Cost: $3.00 (Plus pizza and a seasonal cider. I do recall that I made a vow to not buy food/drink at movies this year, but I was hungry.  There wasn’t any food in the house.)
Where watched: Kennedy School. 

*Every time I heave a big sigh when Meryl Streep is nominated for yet another Academy Award. Then I see the movie and take back that heavy sigh, because she really is amazing.

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  • Sara K.

    The biggest meh was that they changed the original musical plot to make it more favorable for their princess brand. It took away some of Meryl Steep’s character’s ability to give an even more powerful performance. Too bad you feel that way about Sondheim (I have fully guzzled that kool-aid).

  • Heather Wolf

    Do you think this would be too dark for the girls? Keep in mind they absolutely adored Guardians of the Galaxy, so they aren’t all baby movies. And, they were interested in Wizard of Oz, but it was too long.

  • Patricia Collins

    Nothing is hitting me straight up as too terrifying. There’s a flashback scene on a dark and stormy night with lightening. And the witch keeps dramatically popping up, which might be troublesome. There’s also death. But overall, okay? I wasn’t watching from that particular perspective, so it’s hard to know.

    If you try it, report back.

  • Jan W.

    I was on the fence about this one because I find musicals so hit and miss. Everything I’ve heard about it is really good though. And now I’m intrigued by the sweater.

  • Heather Wolf

    Ok. So, the neighbor had rented this from a redbox and, I guess, she quit watching it half way through. But, since it was Disney thought the girls may like it and loaned it to us. So, we sat down to attempt to watch it tonight. And, as soon as the first song began, Eliza insisted on trying to sing along… Using no words we know, but really loudly! Making it really difficult to hear anything at all. They were a little startled by the witch every now and again. But, they just were not into it much at all. ( The Princes’ song was the best, by far. ) and, Lucy got really p.o.’d at me that I felt compelled to sing about her milk cup. Not amused. At. All. Glad I didn’t attempt a theater with these two!

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