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I loved this movie and have enthusiastically recommended it to many people. Their reaction is similar to my own before I saw it, namely: “Isn’t that the one where they don’t talk AT ALL?” And yes, it is, but it is also a wonderful movie, full of humor and drama and complex characters and a delightful dog; which means that you should go and see it, despite the fact that there is NO TALKING AT ALL.

ps. It’s a good one to take your church-going grandmother too. She will like it a lot.


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  • Sara K.

    We just saw this movie last weekend. Wow, it was so amazing. I wanted every outfit that little miss Peppy wore.

  • Patricia

    Yes, indeed. Unfortunately for me, the 1920's era is not so good for my frame.

  • balyien

    I have GOT to see this one. Everyone I know who's seen it has loved it.

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