3SMReviews: Band Aid

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3SMReviews: Band Aid

There was so much to like about this movie, especially the way it captured a long-standing couple’s frustrations underscored by waning feelings of love. I’m a fan of how-the-band-got-started films and this was that, but also stirred in a rare helping of established couple falling back in love.  Written and directed by a woman, it includes plot points I don’t usually see in films.

Cost: $5.00 (plus I opted for a sandwich.  The Living Room Theater makes great sandwiches)
Where watched: Living Room Theater

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2017/band_aid.html

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  • Jan

    I’m intrigued. It sounds really interesting. Hopefully it’ll turn up on one of my movie viewing services soon. I don’t think it ever played in any of the theaters around here.

    • stenaros

      As of this very moment it’s $0.99 on both iTunes and Amazon Video.

      I’ve been ranking movies seen in theaters on Letterboxd, and this has been #1 since I watched it. It will be bumped to #2 as soon as I get the Lady Bird review up. But still, very good!

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