3SMReviews: Before We Go

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3SMReviews: Before We Go

Chris Evans’ directing debut* that will be of interest to everyone who likes Before Sunrise-esque movies.  In this case, Evans is in town for a big audition (he plays trumpet) and Eve has just missed the last New York-to-Boston train. While this movie has been done, the performances were engaging, the mechanization keeping the actors together felt real and overall, this was a nice film for a Sunday afternoon.

Cost: free from Netflix
Where watched: at home

*DVD extras have a quote from Evans that says something like: “My first time directing, I figured, why not make it easier and only have two people in it?”

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2015/before_we_go.html

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  • Sara K.

    Hi! I am waiting for us to head out to Mass so I thought I’d say hello! This looks like a good movie for me.

    • stenaros

      It is a TFS movie!

  • Boyfriend Matt

    Is the Before in the title to signal it’s two people walking and talking?

    • Patricia Collins

      Perhaps. I know how much you like a good walking and talking movie.

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