Three sentence movie reviews: Cabin in the Woods

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So, you can probably guess who is in this movie which prompted me to see it, despite the fact it is a horror movie and I am not a fan of the genre.  That said, I really enjoyed this, despite the gore, and mostly owing to the fact it was incredibly clever and had a whole host of actors I enjoy, not just Chris Hemsworth.  It seems the key to the horror movie genre is to give me a puzzle to solve while watching.

ps.  The poster above was the one I saw used to advertise the movie, and it is very clever.  But according to my movie poster site the one below was the original one. I like it more, but I can see why they had to go with something else. The third poster is a bonus poster, just for fun.

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  • Sara K.

    I always love your film-festivals of ___________ (fill in actor name that is the in-item right now). You are very dedicated to watching all of the actor's films. I find this most admirable when they are in films out of your regular genres.

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