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I think you could easily fall into the “Bor-ring” side of this movie, but given your life experience and how restless you are, it might also be quite fascinating. For myself, I’ve had the kind of jobs where you go out after work and also experienced the unfortunate and hopeless coworker sexual tension that never ends well, so I was totally in.  After I finished watching, I read that the majority of the movie was improvised I was even more impressed.

Cost: $2.00 Videorama
Where watched: at home.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2013/drinking_buddies.html

Um.  Where is Jake Johnson’s copious amount of facial hair? It has been excised for the poster.  Did they think the facial hair would scare people and keep them away?

picture from: http://collider.com/jake-johnson-drinking-buddies-new-girl-interview/
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  • Sara K.

    I think he is rather hard to recognize with the facial hair. They wanted all of us New Girl watchers to see the poster and say, "Look, it's Nick!" And bearded I am not sure that would have happened!

  • Sara K.

    Was that too know-it-all-y? I am starting to try to reign in my KIA nature. I don't mean to be that way and then I hear myself talk about things…

  • balyien

    I actually agree with Sara. He was probably clean-shaven in the poster so New Girl-viewers would notice him and want to see it. I like every single actor in this film, but I watched it because of Jake Johnson.

    As you know, I was not a fan. I didn't think it was boring. I thought it was really frustrating because it went nowhere and the UST remained UST. But maybe that made it a good movie, in a way? It didn't take the easy way out.

    I like that you and I don't necessarily have the same taste in movies because I really enjoying hearing your perspective.

  • Patricia

    Since this movie, Jake Johnson has totally become my guy too and I've started watching the New Girl where he is, sadly without the beard. I'm not usually a fan of the big beard, but for some reason his was totally working for me.

    I liked this movie because things weren't resolved and there were things to think about after. Like, for instance, did Anna Kendrick's character make up the story about traveling with her friend and run off for a little try-out with Olivia Wilde's ex-boyfriend? I think maybe she could have been doing that, given the discrepancy in the married/not married part of their relationship. And when she confesses she kissed said ex-boyfriend and my guy Jake Johnson looks all sad, is he sad because he's thinking he's going to break up with her, or because he missed his opportunity with Olivia Wild which he was so on the verge of taking advantage of repeatedly that weekend? Or is he realizing that Anna Kendrick is the girl for him and he's going to have to do the distancing himself thing with Olivia Wild? They were all pretty normal people, but I found them to be fascinating characters. And no one was super likable either, but they were still interesting. Joe Swanberg has 24 directing credits listed on IMDB. There's one that came out this year with Anna Kendrick and my favorite Melanie Lynsky. I shall have to search it out.

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