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I wanted to see this not only because it was written and directed by a woman, but also because it’s so rare to see May-December relationships with the woman the December* part of the equation. I happen to enjoy watching movies about wealthy people with no money woes and the cast was quite engaging.** This is one of those gentle movies, which I will struggle to remember five years from now, but greatly enjoyed watching.***

Cost: $1.25 from Letterboxd (this was the movie I added on for “just 50 cents more!)
Where watched: at home

*Though in this case, I’d say it’s more of a May-October relationship.
**Lake Bell! Candice Bergen!  And the delightful trio of Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky and Pico Alexander.
***And when I do eventually figure out which movie it was, I would probably enjoy watching it all over again.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2017/home_again.html

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  • Sara K.

    This was on my list of To Watch but it kind of faded into the oblivion of a busy summer and the other viewing (mostly serial television) that keeps my attention. Sounds like it is TFS! I am adding it to my queue right now.

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