3SMReviews: I Love You, Man

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3SMReviews: I Love You, Man

Someday in the future, some film studies student will write a thesis with a title such as “Tentative reachings, men expressing their love for each other (in a strictly platonic way): early 21st century explorations of the bonds of men friendships.” Seriously, there is a lot of this going on in cinema right now. It helps that I really like all the main actors in this movie, but I think most people (under the age of 50 and aware that men are kind of gross when left to themselves) will find this a sweet, funny picture.

Bechedel score: Two women: yes. That talk to each other: yes. About something beside a man: alas, no. But we knew that was coming, no?

p.s. People who have endured boyfriends/friends who are fans of Rush should see this picture. Trust me. A whole level of hilarity will ensue for you. People unaware of the “awesomeness” of Rush will miss this entirely.

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  • Sara K.

    Hmmm…I was wondering about the potty humor in this. I am kind of anti potty/Apitowish humor which seems to be prevalent in these types of movies. But, if you give it a positive review…maybe we will check it out. -S

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