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Margot Robbie is amazing as Tonya Harding, in this funny and hard-to-watch story based on interviews given by Harding and Jeff Gillooly, her husband at the time of the ice skating.  It’s tough to watch the abuse both from a parent (an excellent Janney) and the domestic violence* (by the also excellent Sebastian Stan). There is greatness and tragedy in a story that everyone who lived through it the first time has an opinion of plus, the wigs are really on point.

Cost: free due to gift cards
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with Matt

*”I have never seen so much domestic violence depicted on film before,” said with a sense of awe by Matt, the DV counselor.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2017/i_tonya.html

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  • Sara K.

    I have heard that it was surprisingly funny, in spite of the violence and abuse. It seems like a very difficult line to balance between those two very divergent realities. I am also intrigued with this historical fiction tale from our own lifetime.

    • stenaros

      Yes, it was both hilarious and harrowing. Locally, there’s been a level of grumbling because a lot of people here still think Tonya Harding was involved. But I don’t think the movie is about whether or not she did it, so I personally am not wrapped up in that aspect of the movie.

  • Sara K.

    And hi friend! I have some PCC comments on my docket today! Happy Sunday!!

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