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This movie excels in how lifelike King Kong is; the way his eyes were animated, I believed he was a huge creature.  I didn’t not enjoy it, however, as it is the kind of conquering-with-violence tale that hurts my heart to watch.* Sadly, this movie had the largest number of Black people I will probably see while watching my Scratch-off 100 Essential Movies; they  all played “primitives.”

Cost: free
Where watched: at home

*Me: Sweetheart, if you encountered a dinosaur that had long been thought was extinct, what would your first reaction be?”
Matt: Um, I guess document it?”
Me: I know, right?

It also made no sense, Mr. Kong fighting all those dinosaurs.  Doesn’t he regularly encounter them on Skull Island?  It’s not a very big island.  They would have all killed each other if they fight like that all the time.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/1933/king_kong.html

Do you want to scratch your movie poster itch? Get the scratch off poster here.

(Pssst.  Citzen Kane spoiler alert! Things will be revealed in the Citizen Kane picture below. Be warned.)

Not only did I not enjoy the movie, the picture was wrong when I scratched it off.  Even before watching the film, I could have told the artist those were biplanes, not helicopters.  What’s the drama in a hovering helicopter?

This was predictable, but nice.
I need to find a decent scratcher.  The butter knife I’m using takes off a layer of shine along with the silver part.  I have a great one store in my Christmas stocking, but that’s at my aunt’s house.

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  • Sara K.

    I find watching, even parts of this movie, to be squishy. I feel for Kong too much and hate that he is so misundertsood. 😐 For that “lovely” representation of Black characters.

    • stenaros

      It also falls into your preference to avoid watching movies with animals.

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