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Good depictions of mother-daughter relationships are hard to come by in film.* That makes this coming-of-age story a rare gem that manages to capture the senior year attempts at growing up, as well as lay the patchwork for the eventual mother-daughter separation.** Ronan & Metcalf are brilliant as the mother-daughter pair, and props also must go to Beanie Feldstein as the stalwart best friend, and Odeya Rush as the vapid rich girl.

Cost: $9.00 (pre-Thanksgiving treat!)
Where watched: Hollywood Theater. My showing sold out. (!!)

*This is partially because of the general absence of women in film, but also because it’s hard to get the nuance of loving someone who also drives you crazy.
**It’s also a very funny film.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2017/lady_bird.html

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  • Sara K.

    This is on my to watch list. I have heard such wonderful things. I can’t wait.

  • Sara K.

    And this post feel off of my reader. Wonder how many others there are in the same boat. I’m about to find out.

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