Three sentence movie reviews: Mad Men, season I

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I watch all my TV on DVD and it’s time to begin recognizing this fact via “three sentence movie reviews” posts.

When I did my volunteer orientation for the Library, I learned that this was the most requested series in the library history, which should have come as no surprise as I waited about 10 months on hold to receive my copy. It was worth the wait. I thought I would have to stop watching after the first episode, because the men were so incredibly sexist, but I persevered and was rewarded by excellent TV as well as much eye candy (meaning the clothing, which I adore!)

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  • Sara K.

    I have seen some episodes, but never let myself get hooked. My favorite Project Runway Bloggers, Project Rungay's Tim and Lorenzo, did a whole series about the fashion from Mad Men. It was so fun to see them talk about the characters and how they clothing reflects more of their traits (you might enjoy…Here is the link…

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