Three sentence movie reviews: Midnight in Paris

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I greatly enjoyed* this modern/period piece, especially for the acting by Owen Wilson and all the 1920s famous people. I loved the costumes, especially the white sailor-style dress with the red trim worn by Marion Cotillard. It also included a good overall message about staying present and the present.

*In my mind, enjoying Woody Allen movies is somewhat along the same lines of enjoying commercials. A really well-done commercial is a joy to behold, but the entire time I’m enjoying it, I can’t forget that the only reason this bit of entertainment exists is to get me to buy something. It’s rather sinister. Similarly, I tend to enjoy Woody Allen films. I find them funny, and the period pieces tend to be beautifully staged, with much to look at. Still, the entire time I’m watching and enjoying these films, I have a general sense of “ew” because the man left his wife for his daughter. Ew. In a perfect world, people who commit such acts would not also continue to be talented in other areas, or I would just not see their films. But, alas, he still is, and I just can’t stay away and so I reluctantly pay my money, enjoy the film and then feel guilty afterwards.

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  • Sara K.

    I loved this movie. Made me want to hop right on a flight to Paris. The costumes were lovely!!!

  • Sara K.

    **Good to remember. It is easier to forget this major digression in social norms. You have a major ewwww point!

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