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Hit with a massive wall of nostalgia from watching Pearl Jam 20, I had an intense craving to watch this movie, which I own. Alas, I own it only on videocassette and our DVD/VCR combo player bit the dust, only to be replaced by a DVD-only player necessitating me ordering this movie on DVD* from the library. It’s been several years since I have seen it, but I still enjoyed it as this is a movie I can’t be objective about–it has changed in my mind from a movie to a “conduit to visit emotional states from many different points over a good decade or so of your life.”

*Note that this was a pretty basic DVD of the movie including only the trailer and two deleted scenes. Perhaps for the 20 (!) year anniversary next year we could have something that at least gives us a director’s commentary.

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  • Sara K.

    I know that we have watched this movie together at least once. I need to see it again as well. I like the idea of emotional time travel!

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