3SMReviews: The Big Short

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3SMReviews: The Big Short

Much like Spotlight, I found this to be a very well made movie that upset me.* I was “in” from the get-go and the acting and pace were marvelous.  I love that Adam McKay wants us to think about the financial crisis.**

Cost: $8.75
Where watched: Regal Tigard II

*However, I’ve never been abused by a priest, but I have been affected by the mortgage crisis and recession, so this was much more upsetting and not probably the best choice for Christmas Eve viewing.  But I’m still glad I went.
**Remember The Other Guys?  Aside from being a good stupid buddy comedy, the credits did their best to educate the kind of people who attend stupid buddy comedies about financial reform.

Side note:  In the December Vanity Fair, (the one with Chris Hemsworth on the cover) there’s an article by Michael Lewis about the making of this movie.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2015/big_short.html

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  • Jan W.

    I definitely feel like this movie would incite a lot of rage in me. My friend saw it during AFI Fest. Ryan Gosling was there, which she was very excited about. She still calls it “Ryan Gosling Day.”

    • stenaros

      I was so upset. It’s a really good movie that it can get me upset, but upset I was.

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