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While this movie is a bit uneven in places, and probably very few people will see it because most of the reviews say “eh, it’s American Pie from a girl’s perspective,” I found this to be an enjoyable movie that was different from American Pie in several key ways.*  Graduates of the class of ’93** will enjoy this movie because there is a lot of attention to detail with clothes and props, so there’s a fun nostalgia injection there.  And main character’s transformation hits on a very good point that we don’t often see from a female perspective.***

Cost:  free due to passes.
Where watched:  Regal Lloyd Center 8, with Matt.

*Which are outlined in the forthcoming essay.  That’s right.  This movie made me write an essay.
**And graduates of the class of ’93 who lived in Boise, Idaho.  And graduates of Borah High School in particular.
***That said, it’s a raunchy sex comedy.  You’ve been warned.

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  • Sara K.

    I especially like that poster you found. I just can't… I want to see some bits, we shall see…

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