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In contrast to today’s suspense/mystery-type movies, this one moves incredibly slowly. Very obvious shots are lingered upon until even the dimmest movie viewer gets the point. Still, it is a Hitchcock film, and though I had seen it before, I still was tense/frightened at the end.

Bechdel score. Two women: nope. Unless you count Kim Novak as two women. 🙂

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/1958/vertigo.html

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  • MJS

    I too found this movie to be a bit slow. But it is true, that the speed of most all movies has increased. Ever watched "Wait Until Dark".

  • Sara K.

    Add to the fact that we were on some crazy restaurant's back porch instead of a McMiniman Brothers' styled place. That is not really a complete sentence and I don't care. It was a fun experience! -S

  • Anonymous

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