A Not Great Beat Beneath My Feet

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The Beat Beneath My Feet

The Beat Beneath My Feet

Directed by John Williams
Written by Michael Müller

The review:

Only because of Luke Perry did I watch this and though there is ample Luke Perry,* I was not blessed with a good movie, though it does stop well shy of being terrible.** It’s the kind of movie where things happen because plot requires*** rather than unfolding organically. The music was fine.****

The verdict: Skip

Cost: free via Kanopy
Where watched: at home

Consider watching instead:

Further sentences:

*And god bless Luke Perry for imprinting on me in the 90s, but can we talk about his range? I feel like he does what he does well: attentive stares, sad eyes, thoughtful performances. But I don’t know if I’ve seen him step outside those things. Please weigh in with your input.
**Sometimes boring movies are worse.
***How exactly did this famous singer with an American accent get away with living on the dole in London under an assumed name? Do they have unemployment benefits for non-citizens there? Perhaps they do and I’m thinking of the USA’s attitude toward welfare. But really, no one recognized him? Also, was there no other sympathetic sort at school than the hot girl?
****Though if you are looking for a sad people musician story, might I recommend Song One?


  • What would you have done to spruce this movie up?
  • Who’s your favorite sad musician in real life?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

Luke Perry is left handed and his character writes left handed in the film, but plays guitar right handed.

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The Beat Beneath My Feet
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