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I love to watch films that tell women’s stories.  Sadly, they are not as prevalent as they could be.  So here’s a supplement to my top list of 2015 films.  These are the best films I watched this year that tell some aspect of what it’s like being a woman in the world.

A New Leaf
I’m quibbling with my choice of including this on my list, because the main character is Walter Matthau, but a woman wrote, directed and starred in it, plus it’s a pretty fun movie.  So it stays.

Sigourney Weaver!  She  is awesome.

Begin Again
Another movie with a man as a (possibly the) main character, but it stays on the list because it also manages to capture several different aspects of being female in the music world.  Or even just the world.

Finding one’s way in life, in a new country, in a relationship.  It’s all there.

The classic template for female existence, not reinvented, but incredible to watch.  That dance at the ball!

Inside Out
It’s the inside of a girl’s brain and the two emotions we spend the most time with are voiced by females.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Elizabeth Olsen is fantastic as a former cult member trying to find her footing.

Mistress America
It’s a screwball comedy with two awesome female leads.

Short Term 12
Bre Larson is in command as the head of a short term care facility.

Skeleton Twins
Kristen Wiig captures layers of depression with a nuance that hopefully means she will have a long career making movies.

The Intern
Surprisingly, a tale of a female executive who is trying to make the best choices for her company, her relationship and her family.

The first movie I’ve seen that directly deals with feelings around becoming a mother. (It’s very weird that there are not more films that deal with this subject.)

We Are The Best
Punk rock girls in Sweden are the best!

Zero Motivation
Hilarious and funny tale about being female in the Israeli army.

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  • Jan W.

    My best female-oriented movie of 2015 was Testament of Youth (a woman’s perspective on WWI). Utterly devastating. Skeleton Twins was so much better than I was expecting it to be. Kristen Wiig has some serious acting chops!

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