3SMR: Bo Burnham Comedy Specials: What, Make Happy

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Knowing next to nothing about Mr. Burnham, I prepped for my viewing of his directorial debut Eighth Grade by watching these two comedy specials.* I found What. to be VERY high energy–it’s amazing that someone so tall can move so much and so quickly–and I loved his use of music, especially his closing piece. In Make Happy, he’s not as frenetic and also has mastered switching microphones without embarrassment; his song “Straight White Male” was a highlight for me.

Cost: Netflix subscription ($7.99)
Where watched: at home, and Matt joined me for the second comedy special, which he enjoyed.

*After watching these two comedy specials, I have no idea what to expect from Eighth Grade.

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  • Sara K.

    I appreciate that you are doing homework for your viewing! 🙂 How did it connect?

    Also: PCC 5+5 is done for the day. As are all of the May and most of the June posts prepped, uploaded, and ready for Shawn’s formatting magic. More would be done if I wasn’t fighting with the old computer. I am giving it a break to say hi before I dig back in. So hi! 🙂

    PS-I have 50 posts in my blog feed and much of May remaining in the old posts. But I am making a good dent!

    • stenaros

      There was no connection at all. Which was interesting. I heard an interview where he said that he enjoyed writing his comedy specials and putting together all the details, but not so much performing them. So perhaps we will see more writer/director stuff from him.

      And you are making an incredible dent.

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