Three sentence movie reviews: Dunkirk (in 70mm)

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Manages to be both quiet and loud, slow and fast.  The triple timeline narrative is brilliant; it kept my mind stitching things together as the stories unfolded.  If I’m going to like a war movie, it’s going to be a movie like this one, capturing the stifling boredom, random chance, brutal cruelty and human goodness.

Cost: $15.00
Where watched: Hollywood Theater in 70 millimeter (gorgeous!) with Matt.

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  • Jan

    I’ve been wanting to see this one! Most reviews I’ve seen have said it’s brilliant but I’ve seen “it’s boring” too. So I was a little on the fence. I suppose, since I’ll eventually be able to get it at no extra charge from either Netflix or Amazon, I’ll see it at some point.

    • stenaros

      In related news, I looked up Manchester by the Sea on Redbox to see if it was still available near me. A lot of the reviews were in the vein of, “Oh my god, this movie is so boring! Nothing happens!” I laughed very hard. The Redbox review crowd does not jibe well with that type of movie.

      I think every movie could be found to be boring by someone. In my immediate family four people have seen the movie and four people have liked it. For me, it seemed very much like a traditional war film (not my favorite thing) but with an inventive structure that kept me interested.

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