Why three sentence reviews?


I’m fairly verbose. I have a lot of interests. I tend to get behind on my projects. Thus, when I started my first blog on blogger, I imposed a three sentence rule on my movie review posts. This turned out to be a very good idea. My reviews are fun to write and quick to read. And like every good rule, there are exceptions.*

There’s a lot of information out there about movies. It’s easy to view a trailer, or read a Wikipedia page, or find out what the plot is. But to quickly get a yay or nay? Well, that’s out there too, what with two thumbs up and the tomatometer. Ultimately, 3SMR is another way to get you quick information about a movie.

*Like when I use the asterisk to make some additional commentary, or a semicolon, or a fairly ungrammatical sentence that is probably more of a comma splice than a grammatically correct sentence.

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