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Apparently Noah Baumbach wanted to make a novelistic movie, to which I would say that if this movie was a novel, I would have wandered away in the first fifty pages.  The acting is good, but there was nothing about Roger Greenberg that made me root for him.*  Greta Gerwig was fine, though I’m beginning to wonder if I only loved her as Frances Ha, because she hasn’t rocked my boat in anything else.**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*In contrast to Oscar Isaac’s Llewyn Davis, who I didn’t like but rooted for the entire time.
**What I’ve seen: Frances Ha, Lola Verses, Damsels in Distress.


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  • Jan W.

    Oh, how funny, in light of the comment I made on your review of Damsels in Distress. I see that this is by the director who did The Squid and the Whale, so I’ll pass. I hated that movie.

  • Sara K.

    I like it when Ben Stiller has the bigger puffy hair. Not sure why. It just amuses me more.

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