Joker Left Me Shrugging

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The review:

Todd Phillips attempts to bring gravitas to the comic book movie genre with Joker. While the brouhaha was strong for this movie* the film exists so that Joaquin Phoenix can remind us that he is the best actor of his generation. The movie is not nearly as bloody as I had assumed from the chatter, but the story didn’t hold** and ultimately I was left shrugging.

The verdict: Skip

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Further sentences:

*Joker is horrible, the worst of modern movies, Todd Phillips is a hack/Joker is a masterpiece, the pinnacle of achievement, Todd Phillips is a genius.
**I’m on bored with Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness, it’s just he’s so incredibly fragile it seems there is no way he can recover enough to actually plot crimes to try and defeat Batman. I see there is a Joker 2 in the works, so presumably we will get a follow up.


  • If you thought this film was a masterpiece, what qualities elevated it for you?
  • If you thought this film was horrible, what qualities left you with that impression?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

Joaquin Phoenix said about the 52 lb weight loss: “Once you reach the target weight, everything changes. Like so much of what’s difficult is waking up every day and being obsessed over like 0.3 pounds. Right? And you really develop like a disorder. I mean, it’s wild. But I think the interesting thing for me is what I had expected and anticipated with the weight loss was these feelings of dissatisfaction, hunger, a certain kind of vulnerability and a weakness. But what I didn’t anticipate was this feeling of kind of fluidity that I felt physically. I felt like I could move my body in ways that I hadn’t been able to before. And I think that really lent itself to some of the physical movement that started to emerge as an important part of the character.”

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  • Allie

    Great review! This one really divided everyone. I was expecting to hate it – it got compared so much to Taxi Driver (and I hate that movie) but something about it just worked for me. Still wish Adam Driver won that Oscar, though.

    • Patricia Collins

      I think Adam Driver’s Oscar is still to come. He’s so impossibly good in everything he does. I liked Phoenix’s speech though. It was exactly what I thought it would be.

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